Country Legends Celebrate 40 Years by Focusing on Present - Dayton Daily News

Randy Owen checked in with Don Thrasher of the Dayton Daily News before their show at Fraze Pavilion last week.


Q: What does “Back to the Bowery” represent to you?

A: “Well, on a February night I was just kind of reminiscing and I got to thinking about 40 years ago, which just seems ridiculous, just impossible. We had worked out a deal where we stayed in Myrtle Beach, S.C. all summer and worked for tips at a place called The Bowery. It ballooned from that and everybody got excited about it and, so, here we are. This tour isn’t necessarily about money, it’s about celebrating 40 years since we went to The Bowery.”


Q: What can fans expect from this current show?

A: “It will be the hits but, of course, we can’t sing all of them. I guess we could if we had three or four days. There are two or three places in the show where I kind of let the audience get more involved and request songs. The shows are very live. It’s not scripted so there are a variety of off-the-cuff things that might happen.”


Q: Your new album, “Alabama & Friends,” is scheduled for release later this year. How is that coming along?

A: “We’re very close. I think there’s one more act to record. I was looking forward to working with Jason (Aldean), Luke (Bryan) and those guys I had met in a variety of different ways. I’ve known Trisha (Yearwood) for a while and it was exciting to hear her great voice on some of the tracks. We’ve also got Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts. Of course, Kenny has been a friend for a number of years and I knew he liked a particular song I’d written and he sang the hell out of it. It was great to hear that.”


Q: Looking ahead to 2014, what’s next for Alabama?

A: “I’m not really looking at 2014. I’m trying to enjoy every day. I hope there’s a future. I try to look at every day, at the tour and every show, as a blessing. It’s fun to go back and visit those songs. It’s fun to visit the old fans that have been there all these years and the new fans.”